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Salary and Benefits Surveys

MRA’s Annual Salary and Benefits Surveys include national, regional and local data for compensation, benefits, pay trends and HR metrics. As a benefit of MRA membership, if you participate you get the report for free! Members that participate in or purchase surveys can access the results 24 / 7! Make data-driven decisions based upon empirical data. Benchmarking ensures that your company is not overpaying or underpaying employees. Read all about MRA’s Compensation & Benefits Surveys

On-Demand Salary Data Tool

This tool is ONLY available to members who participate in or purchase the Managerial survey, the Non-Exempt Wage survey or the Industrial Jobs survey. Create personal, targeted online reports for the benchmark data you are most interested in. Click here to view our On-Demand Salary Tool webinar.

Hot Topic Surveys

These topical surveys probe the issues facing your organization today, including Economic Outlook and other emerging topics. View the Hot Topic survey schedule for questionnaire and publication dates.

Custom Salary or Benefits Surveys

Need customized compensation or benefits data for specific jobs or regions not covered in MRA’s Annual or Hot Topic surveys? Our expertise in survey design and analysis will give you the specific data you need. Contact an MRA Survey Manager for more information and pricing options. 

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“MRA is my go to company for wage and benefit information. I can always depend on MRA to keep me informed of trends in the local market. It has been a partner for us since we started the business in 2000 and always will be.”

Joann Reynolds
General Manager
Schleifring Medical Systems


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